Statutes Birdie, revision 2015-12-06

§ 1. The name of the organization is Birdie. Organization Number 817607-1093.

§ 2. The purpose of the organization is to promote creative creation with the help of computers and computer games with mainly young people in Sweden, by arranging computer festivals for example

§ 3. The organization has its seat in Uppsala.

§ 4. The organization is an non-profit and beneficial to the community that is religiously and party politically impartial.

§ 5. a. Everyone who promotes the organization’s objectives is entitled to become a member. The membership fee is determined annually by the annual meeting and is paid in connection with the year’s event. Memberships apply per financial year.

b. The Board of Directors is entitled to grant organizers or other persons engaged in the association’s activities free of charge or discounted membership at any time during the year.

c. Membership can not be granted after the last event of the year and the annual meeting.

§ 6. The Board consists of the chairman, the deputy chairman, the treasurer, two members and two deputies.
The Board of Directors is entitled to terminate a member who, in the opinion of the Board, does not promote the organiazation’s activities until the next annual meeting. At the next annual meeting then a vote to exclude the current member shall be made.

§ 7. The Board represents the organization, monitors its interests and carries out its affairs. The Board decides on behalf of the organization, unless otherwise provided in these Statutes.

The Board of Directors shall carry out the decisions taken by the annual meeting, manage the financial affairs of the organization, and keep accounts and submit annual reports to the annual meeting of the last fiscal year.

The board meets when the chairman finds it necessary or if at least three board members request this.

The Board of Directors is only able to execute propsals when at least three board members present.

§ 8. Decision-making bodies
A. The organizations’s highest decision-making body is the annual meeting. Ordinary annual meeting is held during the first 3 months of the financial year.B. The annual meeting shall be announced no later than two weeks before the meeting. Any motions shall be submitted to the Board no later than one week before the annual meeting.
C. At the annual meeting, the physically present members of the association own voting rights.
D. At the annual meeting the following matters shall be dealt with:
1. The official announcement of the meeting.
2. Election of the chairman of the annual meeting, the secretary, two protocol adjusters and a vote counter.
3. Approval of the agenda and the determination of voting rights.
4. Review, possible amendments and approval of the statutes.
5. Overall business plan and budget for the coming year.
6. Decisions on discharge.
7. Election of Board members (in one year):
Candidates for one or more positions shall, if one can not attend the meeting, notify the chairman one week before the annual meeting, together with a shorter personal presentation. The annual meeting may decide to accept nomination of absentee if nominated at the annual meeting can confirm to be eligible.
a. Chairman
b. Vice Chairman
c. Treasurer
d. Member
e. Member
f. Two deputies
8. Election of auditor
9. Decision of membership fee
10. Processing of business report, balance sheet and income statement and audit reports.
11. Treatment of motions and the Board’s proposal.
12. Other issues.

§ 9. The Board of Directors

The administration is managed by a board consisting of:
* Chairman
* Vice Chairman
* Cashier
* Member
* Member
* Two deputies
Otherwise, the board decides itself.

The Board is able to execute proposals if at least 3 members is present.

§ 10. The auditor’s task is to review whether the Board’s work is in line with the organizations’s purpose, statutes and annual meeting decisions.

§ 11. Extraordinary annual meeting
The Board of Directors is entitled to convene an extraordinary annual meeting when the majority of the Board of Directors considers it necessary or if 2/3 of the members so request. Notice of time, place and motive for the extra annual meeting shall be sent to members no later than two weeks before the extraordinary annual meeting.

§ 12. Statue change
Changes to these statutes can only be made at the annual meeting.
For the adoption of the proposal, 2/3 majority of the Board’s votes are required.

§ 13. Voting rights and decisions.
At the annual meeting, each member at the time of the event of the year has one vote. Voting rights are personal and can not be exercised through proxy.
Decisions are made by appeal (acclamation) or, if requested, by voting (voting).
Voting is open, except in elections to the board or auditor, where a closed vote will take place if someone requests this.

Decisions are made unless these statutes provide otherwise, by simple majority. In a tie the vote of the Chairman acts as tie breaker. When selecting a specific position, a tie will be settles by drawing if no other solution can be simplified.

Section 14. Resolution of the association
Resolution of the organization and amendment of the wording of these articles can only be made at the annual meeting. For the adoption of the proposal, a 2/3 majority of the votes of the annual meeting is required. Upon resolution, the organizations’s assets are allocated according to the annual meeting decision.

§ 15. Business year
A fiscal year is equal to one calendar year.

§ 16. Company Signatory
The company’s treasurer is the treasurer of the association and the persons that the board granted.
Every company signatory signs the company separately.

Section 17. Exit
A member who wishes to withdraw from the association during the fiscal year shall notify the Board in writing and shall be deemed to have left the association immediately.

A member who has not paid membership fee or pursuant to section 5b. Is approved as a member automatically from the organization in connection with the commencement of next year’s event.

Member who has not paid membership fee or pursuant to section 5b. Has been approved as a member automatically withdraws from the organization at the end of the fiscal year.