Föreläsning med Patrick Prax från Uppsala Universitet

Plats: Stora scenen

Tid: fredag kl 16:00

What is games research? This talk is going to give some answers to this question by offering an overview over controversial topics in games research like games and gender, games and violence, and problematic gaming, even games journalism and the influence of games on society and offers an opportunity for a discussion grounded in social science and critical thought.

Patrick is writing his dissertation about the co-creation of digital games as alternative media. He is interested in how players can change the games they are playing to reflect an alternative perspective to a hegemonic capitalist world view. He is working with theories for shared cultural production like co-creation, open innovation, and participatory media.

Patrick has also been working with problematic gaming and game addiction, game journalism, games and learning and games and leadership. In a research project at the Swedish National Museum of Science and Technology Patrick investigated the preservation and exhibition of digital games.

Patrick has been talking for Uppsala’s and Östhammar’s Municipality and UNT24 about problematic gaming and gaming as a social activity, he has been an invited speaker at the Sweden Game Conference, and has been working with a school on a project around gaming students and has been contributing to UNT with pieces about games in society.



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