Prize Policy

Birdie removed the waiting time to get the prize money! We don’t think it is right with “wait-at least-3-months-or-longer” for the prize money to reach the winners. In order for Birdie to be able to pay the prize money directly, the team must be able to send a digital invoice. Otherwise, Birdie’s pricing policy applies as below.


Prizes can consist of money or hardware.

All prizes advertised are the costs Birdie needs to take, for example: employer fees and more are deducted upon payroll.

One must have participated in the tournament in place, participated in the prize-giving ceremony and photographed in order to receive their prize. As a prize winner, Birdie owns the right to publish pictures with winners, either during the prize ceremony or after the event. (For Birdie 30 Online, this is not a requirement due to the event being online.)

It is up to the participant to submit the necessary information (personal account, social security number, full name and address) or send the invoice within one week after the event ends to be eligible. The invoice must arrive no later than two weeks after the event and have a payment period in 30 days.

We pay earnings money on invoice if you have a F-tax slip or we will pay a payout. For visitors who are not resident in Sweden or do not have a Swedish bank account, they must send an invoice.

  • In the event of a wage payment, employers’ contributions will be deducted from the earnings and we will take administrative costs if the payment is to be divided into more than one person (400: – / person).
  • When invoicing it is important to know that we are a organization and can not deduct VAT, therefore the total amount must be exactly on the amount you have received VAT. If you do not live in Sweden, but within the EU and invoice, you must have a Swedish F-tax certificate or E101, or A1 certificate.
  • If you want to send an invoice but have a F-tax slip (own company), it is easy to register at which, in turn, can send out an invoice and pay you the payroll to you as a salary.

Product prizes in competitions are not given away  by Birdie but by the respective sponsor.

Payment may take up to 90 days. Consider that if a winner takes time to submit details for payout, then all of them will be affected.

When invoicing, this must be posted to invoice @ birdie org
The invoice must contain all your details as a winner in the form of full name, personal ID, and nick during the tournament.

Here is also a good link for you who are the recipients of prices.