We would like to extend our deepest gratitude to all our partners, helping us make Birdie possible. We would recommend all our visitors to use their products or services wherever possible.

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Main Partners

IP-Only helps Birdie by delivering the fibre connection that more than exceeds our internet usage needs.

Broadcasting the amateur & semi-pro tournaments at the E-Sports stage in Birdie and arranges the four official game tournaments.


Världsklass Uppsala is a unique collaboration between a number of companies, the municipality, the county council and Uppsala University. They support arrangements in science, sport and culture that strengthen Uppsala’s attractiveness nationally and internationally.

Partners and Sponsors


Provides the fibre that we connect us through.

Provides the necessary networking equipment to enable us to connect all 1000+ visitors to the Internet.

Supports Birdie as a organization on multiple levels.

Helps Birdie to stream what’s happening to the party on the internet.

SESF educates Birdie’s E-sports judges and helps us raise e-sports. The purpose of SESF is to promote E-sports in Sweden. The association is non-profit and acts in accordance with democratic principles as well as religious, ethnic and party political independence. The Swedish E-Sport Association is open to anyone with E-sports interests. The Swedish E-Sport Association is not affiliated with any federation or sponsors that control the business.

PRQ sponsors Birdie with web hosting. PRQ is a host retailer that focuses primarily on co-location and dedicated servers – but also offers a host of other services, primarily tunnel services and other anonymity services and web hosting.


Arenahotellet is Uppsala’s largest hotel with 200 rooms and 620 beds. Located beside IFU-Arena, the hotel makes the natural choice for Birdie’s visitors. The Arenahotel offers Birdie’s visitors cheaper hotel rooms under Birdie 28. The hotel also offers Birdies organizers very affordable rates.