Funtours is a big part of Birdie and we will offer a wide range of crazy funtours!

For those who do not know what a Funtour is, it can be explained as a tour of a computer or console game that is not that serious, but often the nature of the game is that it offers a lot of laughter. There are of course nice prizes to win but the prizes are not of the same class as in the official tournaments.

As usual, we will present a number of Funtours that we will implement, but some we will keep secret!

Birdie 28 planned Funtours:

Birdie classics:

Achtung Die Kurve: A classic, take control over a snake and eliminate your enemies by maneuvering away from them and blocking their path, be careful not to block yourself!

Robot Unicorn Attack: Take control of a Robot Unicorn and try to get a high score.

QWOP: Use the buttons Q, W, O, P to make the character move as far as possible.

Minecraft – Hunger Games: You like the movies or the book of Hunger Games? Now you have the chance to play it in Minecraft!

Little Fighter 2: Kind of an oldschool arena fighting game, if you haven’t tried it, you have to!

We are having a tough time deciding which other FunTours we should have. So maybe one or more…or all of this list might show up.

Bit:Trip Runner

Mount your friends





Amazing chicken horse

Wrestle Jump


Lethal League

Duck game/Liero

L4d 2 Speedrun

Tetris battle

Sumotori Dreams

Desktop Destroyer


Samurai Gunn

Castle crashers


Screen cheat



Getting over it with Bennet Foddy