King of Nordic CS:GO Cup at Birdie

King of Nordic CS:GO Cup at Birdie
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We proudly present the biggest tournament at Birdie with 100 000  SEK i the prizepool. The tournament starts with BYOC during thursday and during the finals at saturday the games are played at ESEN’s dedicated Esports stage with a complete setup of streaming, casters and audience.

Participation requires a King of Nordic LAN Esports ticket, a Birdie VIP LAN ticket or a regular Birdie LAN ticket. Tickets can be purchased here:

When your purchase is comleter, register at before the LAN party begins.

Prize pool
1:st place 50 000 SEK
2:nd place 25 000 SEK
3:rd place 13 000 SEK
4:th place 7 000 SEK
5:th place 4 000 SEK
6:th place 1 000 SEK

Cash rewards will be distributed by ESEN Esports AB no sooner then 90 day after the event by invoice. VAT included. If a winner lacks a corporation or business to send a invoice, it’s possible to user services such as Frilans Final or similar.


Official rules and informations for BIRDIE Lan starting 10/05/2018 and running for 3 days

This settlement is authority for King of Nordic CS:GO Cup at Birdie, organized by ESEN Studio and Birdie. The members and leadership of the company have full powers to determine the conditions of application and interpretation as well as its modification, if circumstances so require. Any player or team participating at this tournament held by that regulation, or will have to face sanctions . This Regulation aims to both ensure and guarantee all participants a satisfying experience and respect of the healthiest sportsmanship.

The admins reserve the right to, at any time, remove or change the rules in this document, even during a tournament. All players are encouraged to read all the rules regularly.

In some cases, a problem may occur and not find an immediate solution in the regulation. In these cases, ESEN’s and Birdie’s admins and their representatives will decide impartially and in a will to uphold sporting ethics above all other considerations.A maximum of 32 teams can attend to Birdie’s CS:GO LAN Event. In the eventuality where more than 32 teams would attend to the event, we will adjust the tournament format to provide the players with the best gaming experience possible.

King of Nordic CS:GO Cup at Birdie, powered by Publiclir

2 Phases

A. Group phase

B. Final bracket

A. Group phase Teams expected: 32

  • –  Amount of groups: 4
  • –  Amount of teams per group: 8
  • –  Group Format: Round RobinThe “round-robin” means that each contestant meets all other contestants in turnSo each teams will have to play 7 matches.
  • –  Match format: Best of One (Bo1) with a pick and ban to determinate the map playedPoint System: 2 points for a win / 0 for a loss. No drawAt the end of this phase, the 2 best teams from each group will access to the final bracket In case of a Tie between 2 teams, the direct result between the 2 tied teams will be considered (If team A and B are tied, and Team A won 16 – 10 over Team B during the group phase, Team A will advance to the playoffs)

B Final bracket : 8 Teams from the Group phase

  • –  Bracket format: Single Elimination
    The “single elimination format” means that each participant ceases to beeligible to win the tournament upon having lost one match
  • –  Match Format: Best of Three (Bo3) with pick and bans to determinate the map played

    Practical Infos

  • –  Each team which wants to participate in the open qualifier, needs to sign up via this form ( ). Sign ups will end Thursday, May 10th at 3:00 pm CET
  • –  Every teams which signed up for the LAN has to notify an admin of their attendance. There will be at least one dedicated admin in charge of the registrations section.
  • –  Birdie28 is a LAN event. Therefore, all the participants have to physically attend to the event. Random check ups will be made during the event.
  • –  Every team must consist at least out of five members. A player cannot be registred as an active player on 2 different teams attending Birdie’s LAN.
  • –  All the communication at the LAN will be handled via Discord. A permanent link to the official Discord server will be provided by the admins prior the beginning of the LAN, and at the LAN itselfs.
  • –  1 contact person per team will have to be assigned. This contact person will do the vetos and will be in charge of the communication with the admins for its team.
  • –  The tournament will have a set timeframe. All the participants will have to respect that timetframe. The only exception can be made If a technical problem occurs, or if the match have to be streamed by ESEN Studio.


    (Discord: )

  • –  The contact person of each team will have access to a discord server in which every group will have its own dedicated channel.
  • –  The veto can be made using the discord server, or in-game via the console
  • –  Please use the same in-game tag on discord and on steam

Map Pool

Cache Mirage Inferno Overpass Nuke Cobblestone Train

Game Rules

  • –  Freeze Time – 20 seconds
  • –  Bomb : 40 seconds
  • –  Round Time – 1 min 55 seconds
  • –  Max Rounds – 15 (each side)
  • –  Start Money – $800
  • –  Side Selection (Knife round, BO1)The team with the most alive players at the end of the round picks their sideIn case of a draw, a team will be randomly selected to pick their side by admin
  • –  Overtime Max Rounds – 3 (each side)
  • –  Overtime Money – 16,000$Map Veto

– Best

  • –  Team A is the winner of a coin toss (made by an admin)
  • –  Team A bans a map
  • –  Team B bans a map
  • –  Team A bans a map
  • –  Team B bans a map
  • –  Team A bans a map
  • –  Team B bans a map
  • –  The remaining map will be played

of One (BO1)

  • –  Best of Three (BO3)
    – Team A (low seed) bans a map
    – Team B (high seed) bans a map
    – Team A picks a map (First map to be played, Team B decide starting side) – Team B picks a map (Second map to be played, Team A decides side)
    – Team A bans a map
    – Team B bans a map
    – Remaining map will be the decider (A knife round will then be played)


  • –  Each player his own point of view since the beginning of the match (that includes the knife round). The demo must be uploaded on demand of the administrators.
  • –  If a player isn’t able to provide his demo, sanctions will be taken accordingly


  • –  The usage of programs, software and hardware tools for the manipulation of any kind is forbidden. A violation against this rule leads to a permanent ban of the player and the disqualification of the team.
  • –  Changing the game graphics or textures with the help of video card drivers or similar tools is illegal. Furthermore any kind of overlay that displays the system performance while playing (e.g. Nvidia SLI Display, Rivatuner Overlays) is illegal. Tools that only display the FPS are legal.You will be punished regardless of whether the changes have been made using external hardware or software and regardless of actively using them or not.
  • –  Flash Bang, Smoke Grenade, and Hand Grenade Bugs: It is illegal to use anyflash bang, smoke grenade, or hand grenade bugs, regardless of intent.
  • –  Silent Bomb Plants: All bomb plants must be done in a position in whichitcanbeheard by the opposing team
  • –  Illegal Bomb Plants: It is illegal to plant the bomb in a position that cannot bedefused by the opposing team or in a position in which the bomb is floating and not touching the ground
  • –  Illegal Bomb Defuses: The bomb cannot be defused through any solid objects.
  • –  Illegal Bomb Defuses: It is illegal to intentionally distort your hit boxes with the useof an alias while defusing the bomb. Each dispute will be handled on a case by case basis, reviewing multiple aspects, including, but not limited to, the speed at which movement is made,the action of movement made, aswell as the out come of the exploiting action.
  • –  Walking / Boosting Through Walls walking or boosting through walls, floors, or roofs is not allowed.
  • –  Map Exploits Boosts that result in clipping are illegal.Clipping is when a player is either boosted through a solid layer, or when a player manipulates him/herself so that they can see over, under, and/or through any solid entity such as a wall or box.

    Tactical Pause and Break

  • –  Breaks and pauses are only available during the freeze time. Breaks can only be accepted with a reason.
  • –  Every team can request a 15 minutes break per Map. An admin has to be contacted during this period if a team is unable to fix their issue by themselves. If a break turns longer than 15 minutes, and no admins has been contacted, the other team has the right to unpause the match.
  • –  In case of a player droping: If the player or a substitute rejoins the server and both teams are ready, the game can be resumed. In case the dropped player does not reconnect within 15 minutes and there should be no substitute available, the team must continue playing with one less player.This rule can be temporarily abrogated by an administrator
  • –  If the server crashes before three rounds have been completed (in a half), the servermust be restarted and the half’s score will be reset to 0-0.
  • –  If the server crashes after the third round has been completed, the half must berestarted with start money 2000 and the score will be counted from the last completed round. The start money is set to 2000 and the team that lost the last round kills itself using ”kill” in the console. This round does not count. The half continues with the following round. The start money has to be set to 800 again.

    External Streaming

  • –  The GOTV will be exclusively reserved for ESEN Studio’s casters. External casters won’t be allowed. Exceptions could be made if a written agreement is established latest 1 week prior the beginning of the LAN between ESEN Studio and the caster(s)

Penalty points & disqualification

  • –  If a team and/or a player doesnt follow the rules enounced above, Penalty points will be distributed
  • –  If a team has received 2 penalty points in the tournament it will be disqualified.
  • –  A team also can be handed out penalty points or can be even disqualified for anyserious insults towards other teams.
  • –  The decision about how an insult will be managed is made by an administrator.

    Schedule (estimation)

    Opening doors : 12:00am / 1:00pm Last registrations : 4:00 pm Beginning of the Tournament : 5:00 pm

    Match#1: 5:00 PM CET Match#2: 7:00 PM CET Match#3: 9:00 PM CET

    Match#4: 10:00 AM CET Match#5: 12:00 AM CET


    Match#6: 3:00 PM CET
    Match#7: 5:00 PM CET (end of the group phase) Quarter Finals (BO3): 7:00 PM CET


    Semi Final#1 (BO3): 11:00 AM CET (on stage) Semi Final#2 (BO3): 3:00 PM CET (on stage) Final (BO3): 7:00 PM CET (on stage)

    Contact infos: