Birdie together with ESEN Studio aims to deliver top-class E-sports for both those who participate and those who follow the tournaments online.

The goal of the E-sports at Birdie is to find the future’s abilities. Our tournaments are for amateurs and semi-professionals. Depending on the extent of the tournament, preces may be distributed to significally more than the top 3.

The most exiting matches will be broadcaste through both Birdies and ESEN’s channels. The broadcast is professionally produced with skilled commentators.

To participate in any of our offical tournaments, you need to do the following:

  • Buy a ticket for Birdie 28
  • Register your team (Everybody need a ticket)

Pre-registered teams are guaranteed a place in the tournament. If possible, we may take in more teams with on site registration. If the tournament is full, we will announce it clearly.

We will also announce if any tournament is nearly full.


If you have any questions. please contact us via the contact page.

We wish that everyone read our prize policy.

Birdie28 official tournaments: