When is Birdie 30?

21/5 10:10 – 24/5 10:00

How many seatings are available at the LAN?


is approximately 1000 seatings available

How is the seating arrangement?

How loud is it at the event?

There will not always be loud music playing, but in the spirit of the event there will be music and live music present.

How do i select a seat?

You select your seat when you purchase your ticket at Trippus.

Where can i park?

There are parking spaces in conjunction with IFU Arena and there is cheap parking ca. 150m west of the arena on Albert Engströms gata and Bellmansgatan.

Together with Sportfastigheter i Uppsala we now offer all our visitors a special festival price when you are using the app SMS Park by Parkster.

Enter the code 18508 and the maximum fee will be 45SEK per day instead of 160SEK per day. The code will only be active during Birdie.

The maximum fee is only available when using the app.

Hashtag? Birdie?

Birdies official hashtag for the event is #birdielan

Can i bring own appliances (e.g. refrigerator/microwave oven)?

You are only allowed to use the outlets for your computer, monitor and cellphone charger.

Can i rent or borrow a computer at the event?

No, you need to bring your own equipment.

Can i bring my own chair?


Can i as a parent attend the event for free?

You as a parent can only attend the event without a ticket when you are helping setting everything up and moving everything out at the end of the event.

How old should you be to attend the event without parental guidance?

We recommend that younger children atten

d the event with a parent or in a group where they can take care of eachother, it is entirely up to you as a parent to decide if they have the level of maturity to handle the event.

Can i drink alcohol at the event?

The event is alcohol and drug-free, we will not let anyone inebriated inside the event, and if you are caught using any of these it can lead to you being permanently banned from the event.

Can i smoke E-Cigarettes at the event?

You can only use E-Cigarettes outside the event, not inside the arena.

Can i bring my own speakers?

Leave the big speakers at home, normal computer speakers are allowed as long as you don’t disturb your neighbors too much, it’s Birdie afterall!

We are a larger party, can we book a full table to not get scattered?

Please contact us.

What do i need to bring to Birdie?

  • Tickets!
  • Computer and Monitor
  • Cables for your equipment
  • Earthed powerstrip
  • Network cable (10 meters)
  • Sleeping gear
  • Towel and change
  • Hygiene articles
  • Earplugs

How can i be a part of Birdie?

You can apply to be a part of the Birdie-crew and be a part in creating the best and most fun LAN party Sweden has ever seen!

My organization wants to do a collaboration with Birdie!

Organizations purchasing tickets can get space for showcasing at the event, please contact us for more information.

My company is interested in a collab, showcase or sponsoring Birdie, what do we do?

Contact us for more information!


When do you release tickets for the event?

Tickets are released. Buy them at Trippus,

Ticket Pricing

Birdie LAN         499 SEK

Birdie VIP           799 SEK

One-day Ticket  200 SEK

3-day Ticket       300 SEK

How many tickets can i purchase?

There is a purchase limit of 5 tickets. For larger parties, please Contact us.

Can i get my ticket refunded?

No, tickets paid for at the time of booking are considered final, event tickets are not covered under the distance agreement laws.

Can i / my team buy tickets using invoice?

Yes, please contact us!

Can i sell my ticket?

Yes, the tickets are non-personal.

Can i switch out my seating after purchasing a ticket?

No, choose wisely.

Is the selected seating guaranteed at the event?

You are guaranteed a seating at birdie when purchasing a seating ticket, however, we might have to move people from their selected seating to free up seating or to optimize the space we have to work with.

What is included in my seating ticket?

Birdie LAN:

  • Birdie Membership
  • Space at a table 90x80cm
  • Chair
  • One power outlet (bring your own earthed powerstrip)
  • One network port
  • Access to all the event areas and competitions, including the sleeping area.

Birdie VIP:

  • Birdie Membership
  • Lots of space, one table dedicated only to you.
  • Chair
  • One power outlet (bring your own earthed powerstrip)
  • One network port
  • Access to all the event areas and competitions, including the sleeping area.
  • Access to Birdie 1H before the rest.

Birdie 1337:

  • For those who want to support Birdie financially.
  • Same privileges as Birdie LAN or Birdie VIP, depending on your previous choice.
  • Access to Birdie 1H before the rest.

Visitors Ticket:

  • Birdie Membership
  • Access to all the event areas and competitions, including the sleeping area.


Are there showers available?

There are showers and dressing rooms available for men and women at the event free of charge.

Is there a hotel nearby?


Can i buy food at the event?

IFU Arena offers a daily affordable buffet throughout the event, if you are in need of a special diet because of allergies or such they can most likely help you to something tasty as well!

Need something small?

We do have a kiosk / service center offering snacks and drinks throughout the day (08:00-23:00) and at nights we have a kiosk driven by Birdie and UNF Uppsala with a smaller offering to get you through the night.

Is there a microwave / electric kettle available?

microwave and electric kettle will be available for use at the event, however you can’t bring your own food inside the arena restaurant.


Can i play in more than one official tournament?

We do not have a set limit on how many tournaments you can join, but we do recommend against joining more than one since they can overlap and cause problems with scheduling and cause delays making it less enjoyable for everyone taking part.

How long does it take for me to get the prize money?

We try to make the payments as soon as possible, but it can take up to 90 days to receive the prize money, please read more about it in our price policy.

How do i sign up for a tournament?

Sign-up links are available on each of the tournament pages.

Do i need tickets to sign up for a tournament?

Yes, all members of the team needs a ticket to take part in tournaments.

Can i sign up for a tournament at the event?

Yes, as long as there are open slots still available!

Where can i find the tournament rules?

The tournament rules will be available at each of the tournament pages.

How can i get in touch with the tournament administrators?

Easiest way to get in touch with the administrators is via Discord, otherwise you can ask at the help-desk and we’ll try to help you out.


How do i sign up for a Scene competition?

Submit your contribution before the deadline at vote.birdie.org

When is the deadline?

Deadlines will be presented on the schedule which will be available soon!

How do i place my vote in the Scene competitions?

You can place your vote at vote.birdie.org, ticket id is required to place votes.

How do i contact the Scene-crew?

Before the event you use our contact form, at the event you can ask at the help-desk or reach them via Discord.