The Event

There’s more to Birdie than just the official tournaments and competitions in Scene, Game and Funtours.

Here are some examples of other activities that we will offer our guests. The list will be updated continuously.

Psychophant VS Starchild

Yes! You it’s happening! A DJ-set with Psychophant vs Starchild live on the main stage.

Burre joins as a VJ to deliver a colorful visual spectacle. Get hyped for the most awesome gig ever at Birdie!

Arcade Games

As usual, we will have a large selection of arcade games and hopefully a few pinball machines. Free 2 play!

Learn how to track music

Interested in learning how to track music? We are going to set up at couple of stations dedicated for tracking. Of course there will be instructors there to help you get started and answer your questions.

Nerd Quiz

Who is the supreme nerd at Birdie? Oh, we shall find out! Join this tricky quiz and win prizes!

Computer Mikado

Not really what it sounds like but do you know the ATX standard? Do you know which capacitors on a P4 motherboard that aren’t required? Do you like trashing computers while they are still running? If you do, you really should take part in Birdie’s computer mikado. Two teams go head to head in cutting wires and removing components on a computer while its running, the team that causes the computer to stop booting loses. Fun for the whole nerd family!

Keyboard Puzzle

Can you type 120 words per minute? Do you have blank key caps? Are people looking strangely at you when you list all the characters on the middle row on your keyboard by memory?

If so, we really think that you should join our Keyboard puzzle competition. Curses, facepalmning and huge suspense. This competition has it all! Join us at Birdie and show us that all the time you put on playing Typing of the Dead actually paid off!

Build IKEA Furniture without instructions

Are you the type that doesn’t read the manual before you start assembling your furniture and everything turns to shit? Then we have the perfect competition for you!

In Birdie’s Build IKEA Furniture without instructions competition you assemble a furniture without a manual or a picture. It’s not an easy task. Head of Scene Crew, Gabriel “dunz0r” Fornaeus tried but ended up making modern art instead. If you are in the mood of being frustrated, confused and probably laughed at, sign up!