Birdie Crew

Birdie Crew consists of about 60 volunteers with a common goal of making Birdie a fun event once a year.

Crew are divided into several teams within the organisation.


The Board – This team consists of board members, they finalize all decisions for Birdie.

The Project Group  – Management team that works with all the new projects and plans for the event.

Game Team – Plans and coordinates game competitions, mostly so called funtours. Also support our partners with the official tournaments.

Scene Team –  Plans and coordinates our creative competitions in music, graphics, animation and coding.

Media Team – Plans and coordinates the audio visual production for the main stage. Also manages broadcast for Birdie’s stream. They’re based in the FoH (Front of House) of Birdie.

PR/Coverage Team – Photographs, films, writes news, spread information on all social media platforms and fishes for likes.

Event Team – Plans and coordinates all the live acts and stuff that happens on the main stage, for example: crazy competitions, artists and arcade machines.

Stream Team – Mainly works with Media, Game and Scene teams. Plans and coordinate our streaming.

Entrance Team – Responsible for the admission and makes sure no one unauthorized gets in. Is a good source of information for our visitors as well.

Construction/On Duty – Extra involved in the construction during build ups and tear downs. Also on duty during the event to make sure everything runs smoothly.

Expo/Exhibitor – The link between Birdie and our partners and exhibitors.

Crew Care – Takes care of Birdie Crew. Makes sure that there are snacks, food and other comfortable things around. Builds and re-supplies the Crew Lounge in Crew Area.

Security Team/On Duty – On duty medics and makes sure crew follows all procedures and rules according to fire safety regulations.

Kiosk Team – Sells a lot of snacks. 🙂

Network Team – Plans and maintains all areas of our network infrastructure. Supplies our blazing fast internet speed. And working closely with two of our main partners: Cisco & IP-Only

Power Team – Plans and sets up the electrical equipment for all areas.

Interested in becoming a part of us? Please contact us using our contact form!