KIDS – Short film at Birdie

An animated short film that explores group dynamics. How do we define ourselves when we are all equal? Also available as interactive animation game.

SWITZERLAND 2019. Animation. 9 min. REGI: Michael Frei

Uppsala Short Film Festival and Birdie show short films together! During Birdie 30 Online we show three different programs with films specially selected by Uppsala Short Film Festival for Birdie. The three programs each have their theme, Game on, Fantasy features and Comedy cuts. You can watch the short films on Birdie’s TV channel: Times will be announced shortly.

Exclusive to Birdie, Uppsala Short Film Festival has put together three programs with inventive short films. Common to the films is that they play in different ways with film as a medium, often based on the game world. It will be an exciting combination of expression and a variety of films that rarely reach the audience here in Sweden outside the Short Film Festival. The collaboration is part of strengthening and deepening the Demoscene at Birdie where creators meet and create movies, demos, pictures, music on their computer. Birdie is investing in the demoscene culture with support from Uppsala cultural management.

Uppsala Short Film Festival was organized for the first time in 1982 and is today one of Europe’s largest short film festivals. This year’s festival will take place October 19-25 at four cinemas in central Uppsala. During one week, 300 short films from more than 60 countries will be shown. In addition, a large number of talks, lectures, workshops, parties, etc. are arranged. Read more about the festival at