Birdie 30 cancelled

Because of the governments decision, to not allow events with over 500 participants because of COVID-19, Birdies Project Group and Board has decided to cancel Birdie 30 at IFU Arena.
Birdies Project Group is now looking into making Birdie 30 a online-only event with e-sport tournaments, demoscene competitions, funtours, lectures, workshops and more.

More info to come.

  • Why are you cancelling?
    We’re following the governments decision to not allow events with over 500 participants. More information about COVID-19 is available at Folkhälsomyndigheten.
    Birdie puts safety and security first, for both our crew and our visitors. We know that some events have chosen to limit the amount of visitors to 499 people. Birdie refrains from this because we deem it irresponsible.
  • Already purchased tickets and hotel rooms.
    We will start refunding tickets shortly. And request that anyone with a booked hotel room cancel these are soon at possible.
  • Why not just postpone until fall?
    Birdie has for a long time been held during the Ascention Day weekend.
    Postponing it would mean: finding a new date that fits, that a fitting venue is available, that Birdie Crew can take time of off work to attend, that we don’t collide with other existing events during fall, etc… We also do not know how long this is going to go on for.