Birdie LOL

NOTE! This activity has changed as Birdie 30 takes place online! NOTE


😮 10 000 SEK (approx 1000 USD) to the winning team!

😮 Birdie pays the prize money ASAP!

😮 Right now, buy 5 tickets, pay for 4.

We celebrate Birdie 30! The classic Birdie LOL tournament is back! Everyone who has a LAN seat has the chance to compete and win. Get your tickets for the team now! This year’s tournament will be great with League of Legends Sverige as the organizer.

Birdie removed the waiting time to get the prize money! We don’t think “wait-at-least-3-months-or-longer” is right for when the prize money should come to the winners.

In order for Birdie to be able to pay the prize money directly, the team must be able to send a digital invoice. Se all details at Birdies website.

Buy the ticket here

Don’t forget the discount code ”lagrabatt”


Right now all texts are in Swedish only, but do not worry. It easy to book at ticket.

First, choose how many computer seats you want. You can buy a maximum of 5 at a time.

Fill in all your information. If you buy for your friends, only their name, e-mail and telephone are needed.¨


Swedish / English translation

Förnamn – First name

Efternamn – Last name

E-post – Email

Bekräfta e-post – Confirm your email

Mobilnummer – Cellphone number

Adress – Address

Postnummer – Area code

Postort – City

Personnummer – Personal identity number


Your friends will receive an email with a link so that they can fill in their information themselves.

Tick the checkbox that you want to be a member of the Birdie organisation.

If you don’t have a Swedish ”personnummer” Personal identity number, please send an email to

Then choose which places you want.

If you want to support Birdie a little extra, you can add a cost by choosing WE LOVE BIRDIE 1337

Enter a discount code if you have that. Only one code at a time works.

Press the pay ”betala” button. Right now you can only pay by debit/credit card, but the Swedish pay system ”Swish” is coming soon.

The ticket comes to your email as a barcode.

At Birdie’s entrance: Display the barcode on your cellphone or on a printout.