Stay at the Arenahotellet

Great prices at Birdies festival hotel

Book a hotellrum at the nearby Arenahotel during the festival. Enjoy peaceful sleep in a cosy bead and a great breakfast. Arenahotellet is the largest hotel in Uppsala with 200 rooms. There is a great restaurant with an a la carte menu. They also have a gaming room with Xbox and PlayStation.

Singel: 995 SEK

Double: 1195 SEK

3 bed room: 1395 SEK

Pricing per Night, including breakfast and VAT. Offer only available during the Birdie festival 21-24th of Maj.

Make your booking at phone: +46 (0)18-35 00 25  or email: Use the code ”Birdie”. NB! Limited number of rooms at this price!

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