Möt Permastunned Gaming och Sigurður Bjarki Haraldsson

Möt Permastunned Gaming och Sigurður Bjarki Haraldsson på Birdie! 

I projektet LAN FÖR ALLA har vi bjudit in Sigurður ”adaNte” från Island som kommer att berätta om sig som gamer och vad det innebär att bara ha två tummar att spela med. Sigurður föddes utan 8 fingrar men låter inte det stå vägen för att gejma.

Permastunned Gaming is the first all disabled dota2 in the world and we are content that we can play on a high level. We were founded in february 2019 by Cristal of danelaw who originally posted on reddit asking for disabled players to step forward and play dota together. After that a lot of members have come onboard and we have a high skilled 5 man lineup that is currently training for tournaments at the moment. We started streaming to give other disabled persons inspiration and trying to give disabled gamers more exposure in the dota2 community. Our goal is ultimately to have high skilled functioning teams in all the biggest games such as CS:GO, Rocket League, League of Legends and so on. What we will be doing at Birdie 29 is to give the project more exposure, answer what ever questions you may have, tell you in detail more about Permastunned Gaming and hopefully get some disabled or non disabled gamers on board with the project to help promote disabled gaming in general. Our member who will be attenting is adaNte in game but his real name is Sigurður Bjarki Haraldsson and he was only born with thumbs so he is missing 8 fingers.



Bakom projektet LAN FÖR ALLA står Birde, ABF i Uppsala län, EsportUnited, Svenska LAN-förbundet, USIF, Dalkurd FF, Parasport Uppland, HandiPLAY, Eloso Förlag med flera parter. Uppsala stöttar projektet. Vi använder oss av e-sportförbundet SESF certifiering av e-sportdomare och turneringar.

Foto: Rakel Guðmundsdóttir