Birdie Scene Dinner

 In 2018 Birdie is going to give the sceners a lot of love. In the spring we will present a variety of activities, seminars, gamedev competitions, demo, music, video, graphics, etc … and we kick it off with inviting old and new sceners to a dinner at the newly built Arena Hotel.

Friday, 11/5 at 6:00 pm, the Demosceners at Birdie will meet up at the Arenahotellet for a common dinner with very delicious food.

Here there will be a chance to meet old acquaintances, new friends and live legends from the demoscene to eat and drink with. At dinner, Tomas Danko, Chris “Xiny6581” Ekstrand, Gideon Zweitjzer and veterans from Birdie Scene crew will be featured. This year’s scene crew general Gabriel “dunz0r” Fornaeus and Martin “wix” Johansson, one of Birdie’s co-founders, starts the dinner by telling anecdotes from past Birdies.

We have a limited number of seats, and only those who have a purchased LAN ticket are entitled to purchase a Birdie Scene Dinner Ticket. The price includes a three-course dinner, an alcohol-free drink, coffee and tea. The Arenahotellet’s restaurant will compose a menu just for us, and exactly what’s included will be revealed in the spring. There will be opportunities to get alternatives if there is something you can not or want to eat. There will be a vegetarian option. Read more about the Arenahotellet’s restaurant here: Buy the Birdie Scene Dinner ticket here: NOTE! You are required to have a purchased LAN ticket. Please note that we only have 50 seats! It’s first come first serve!